what we do

Worldwide there is a serious shortage of affordable housing. Not only a crises of affordable housing but of environmental degradation and pollution causing climate change and global warming. Currently landfills are overflowing with waste that could easily be recycled and turned into housing elements to address these two problems of affordable housing and environmental damage. 

Our business uses “waste” as a raw material to produce universal building products. Waste becomes a resource to restore humanity. Not only do we protect the environment, we provide and fulfill a basic human need, HOUSING. Our business model is premised on an incentive based model which collects waste from individuals and companies and in return reward them with recycle points which can be redeemed for money or Eco-bricks + other housing components which ultimately come together in architecturally designed housing typologies.

“One man’s waste another man’s sustainable Eco house” that’s our motto.  We believe, waste is a very valuable resource that can change and save the world. “Sourced by community, built by the community and used by the community,” this is our mission for the poor communities worldwide.


our products & services

Wouldn’t it be amazing if it were possible to take the problem of waste and turn it into a solution to solve the same problems it has caused? Indeed and this is how interestingly and ironically our products are the solution as they solve both the environmental problem caused by waste by using the problem being waste to create a solution to housing crises and homelessness problem.

Educates the public and communities about the need to protect the environment by reducing, reuse, recycle and re-purposing “waste” 

Collects sperated waste at source

Rewards the recycling participants

Recycles the waste to produce our Eco-brick and other universal components to construct Architect designed, quick assembly Eco-houses/ other structures for the communities, refugees, natural disaster relief housing and emergency housing.